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High School Seniors and Athletes

What an incredible journey you’re on!

Graduation is almost here and you’re beginning to feel the excitement! You’ve worked hard to get to here, from all the studying and exams to participating in sports or other extracurricular activities.


You deserve to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished over the last four years of your high school life. You have gone from pre-school to kindergarten and now on your way to getting your diploma. It’s been 18 years of hard work, life, milestones, and amazing growth for you!


So exciting!

Soon you'll graduate and embark on a new journey in your life, whether it’s going to college or starting a career. High school graduation is all about leaving your childhood behind and moving into the next phase of your life as an adult.


Remember this moment!

This is about YOU and YOUR story. We want this experience to be memorable for you!


I’m sure when you look back, you’ll realize how fast this went! And before you know it will be all over in an instant and you’ll be onto creating new memories.


We’re glad you’re considering Mike Gridley Photography to help you make some amazing images. And memories! A senior portrait session is a great way to celebrate all that you’ve done while looking forward to the future. Let us use are expertise to make you look your absolute best.


The experience…

You’re unique and we want to capture your personality, the things you love including your style, interests, hobbies, plus anything else that shows who you are at this point in your life. 


Your photo session will be fun and easy! Before your session we’ll work with you in choosing your clothes and locations. During your session we'll walk you through the poses and expressions that will help in getting the best images of you.


Those who supported you...

While your senior photos are about you and your accomplishments, they also mark a huge moment in the lives of your parents as well. What better way to thank Mom and Dad for their support by giving them a keepsake celebrating how far you’ve come.


Senior Package 1


1 hour session

Up to 2 outfits

10 retouched digital images

Senior Package 2


1.5 hour session

Up to 3 outfits

15 retouched digital images


Senior Package 3


2.5 hour session

Up to 5 outfits

25 retouched digital images


Hair and Makeup - Rates from $125-175. Higher fee on Sundays.

Advanced retouching - hair, skin and clothing. $45 per image.

Professional Makeup Artist
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