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About Me

I am a photographer. I always have been since my mother gave me a Brownie film camera at a very young age. It was when I joined my high school Photo Club that I had a flash bulb moment. That’s when I knew this was what I wanted to do.


Years later I would receive a certificate in Applied Commercial and Industrial Photography. The rest of my education was working as an assistant photographer at two commercial advertising studios which strengthened my foundation and allowed me to start my photography business over 25 years ago.


I have photographed everything from editorial assignments to clothing catalogs, to large marketing, commercial and advertising campaigns to high school, college, and professional sports. I was the team photographer for the Boston Breakers and have worked for several advertising and marketing agencies, businesses, colleges and sports media outlets.


I'm still pursuing the art of photography. Always learning. Always adjusting. A good day is filled with dogs (Golden Retrievers are number one choice), great coffee, great food, Sam Adams, lots of humor, family and friends. I love working with people; talking with and listening to. And capturing their actions and emotions through images.

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